21 May

Solution for Forex broker - FX Solution

FX Solution

Based on our extensive experience, proven processes and understanding of the Forex industry, we have created a solution specifically for Forex brokers. FX Solution is a multimodular software created by our team for complete control and effective management of all Forex processes. FX Solution includes CRM with Project Management software and AI-based sales optimization system - Sales Fire Starter.

30 Apr

Flameshot - screenshot tool for Linux

Flameshot Logo

Flameshot is a powerful and easy to use screenshot software for Linux. Key features that stand Flameshot from the other programs are possibility to highlight elements and add text to just created screenshot with no need to save it and open in image editor. Detailed Flameshot installation process and keyboard shortcuts.

08 Apr

The ability to use face recognition for authentication with Python

Face recognition with Python

The ability to use face recognition for authentication with Python. Process steps, face detection in the image (Haar cascade classifier, histogram of oriented gradients, convolutional neural network). The most popular Python libraries for Face Detection: OpenCV and Dlib. Two types of errors: type I errors (FAR or FMR) and type II errors (FRR or FNMR). Reliability of this authentication method. Photo and video authentication. Additional verification methods: without user intervention, with the participation of the user.

31 Mar

Single point solution for SSH authentication

Single point solution for SSH authentication

Centralized SSH key management. Comparison of protocols for centralized authentication (LDAP, RADIUS, SAML, Kerberos), applications for the server-side, applications for the client-side. The most popular authentication server applications (open source authentication applications, proprietary authentication applications, cloud authentication services). Client central authentication applications (SSSD client, OpenLDAP Daemons). Test and configure central authentication server for internal use. Requirements for central authorization software.