General overview

Ecosystem54 is a set of technologies developed by 54origins team, with which you can quickly create modular solutions with an extremely high level of security and with a very large customization potential. Ecosystem54 allows you to create effective applications that work great for small companies, and scale to the enterprise level.

In Ecosystem54, development and associated processes are connected into a single set, each process in which does not interfere with each other, and they can interact within the concept of “information field”.

Integration of Ecosystem54 takes place in several stages:

  1. Launch - deployment of Biome on such providers as AWS, DigitalOcean or Hetzner, configuration of services and creation of the Root user.
    important-informationBiome is a concept that we use in Ecosystem54 to explain a section of the “information field” which has a single account, a single permission system, the general structure of services, the processes associated with this, and the exchange of information between services.
  2. Create your users and groups.
  3. Setting permissions for groups.
  4. Customization and usage.

Single login / single permission system

Single login and single permission system

Ecosystem54 implements the technology of a single login and password. This greatly simplifies user access to many Ecosystem54 services and significantly saves employees' working time. You need to create an account for a user with their set of credentials once, and then he will be able to instantly switch between the available services.

A single permission system allows you to manage and configure access rights for each user group created from one main service - Auth. Any user action is limited by access rights. You can create groups with a specific set of permissions, add and remove users, manage permissions for each service separately, and give out personal permissions if necessary, which are priority ones.

Basic authentication by login and password does not provide the appropriate level of security required by modern enterprises. It is highly probable that an employee can forget the password, or write it down in any accessible place, can also inform password to his colleagues. Therefore, Ecosystem54 uses a built-in authentication system to protect user accounts and ensure the highest level of security. It is implemented through the usage of ECDSA key pair (public and private keys) and a QR code. The ECDSA key pair is generated during user registration on his phone and the private key is stored only in the place of creation, that is, on the user's personal phone. Scanning a QR code is only possible with a user's phone with a private key stored on it.

Also, in order to protect certain operations in Ecosystem54, it is possible to attach a confirmation QR code to a critical action - that is, even with an open account, only the account owner can perform a critical operation by scanning the QR code only with the device (mobile phone) on which the private key is stored. Critical status can be assigned to certain services.

Service approach to development

Modular architecture

The modular architecture and distributed authentication system of Ecosystem54 ensure stable and reliable operation of all services. If for some technical reasons one service stops working or is being configured, then other services work as usual. This allows you to develop any other additional services without stopping the entire Ecosystem54.

Thanks to service approach to software development, a well-developed structure, a basic set of functionalities, a new service for your company can be developed with short release cycles of 2-3 weeks.

The versatility of the AP54 protocol ensures the stability of root services. Through the AP54 protocol, service-to-service synchronization occurs. If you have changed any permissions through the Auth service, a message to other services that the changes have been made occurs through the AP54 protocol. Changes are made on the Auth service and are automatically transferred to other services.

Ready-made services

Ecosystem54 has already integrated a large number of necessary ready-made services that will immediately automate your company's business processes:

  • Auth - a main service for managing user accounts and access rights, creating groups and permission systems, changing data.
  • PM - a project management service. PM54 includes all the main functions for effective project and team management.
  • FxCRM - a sales management system for Forex brokers with powerful features.
  • Entity - a universal backend service with a tree data structure.
  • Control - a service that allows you to detect technical problems and control the creation of backups.
  • Content - a service with dynamic storage and editing of content, easily connected to projects.
  • Relay - a service for creating and configuring firmware with the addition of some Ecosystem54 application on the Raspberry Pi and the relationship of microcontrollers with the Auth service.
  • MRPS - CRM for IT companies.
  • Computations - a service for big data intelligent processing and analysis.

To distribute the load on the server, Ecosystem54 has an assistant service that performs energy-intensive and complex calculations in the background.

A great advantage of Ecosystem54 is that you can use other services without the need to develop them - this will significantly save your time and resources.

Built-in CI / CD processes

Built-in CI / CD processes

The CI/CD processes built into the Ecosystem54 guarantee you a number of important advantages. For example, automatic deployment, high speed of launching updates, high quality of the finished service without errors due to the built-in automatic system integration testing, which checks the entire cycle: from input data to the result.

Ecosystem54 has a built-in automatic backup system: you can configure scheduled backup tasks at a specific time.

Such an important feature as the integration of monitoring into the code will allow you to monitor the status of servers and services.

Basic technologies

Ecosystem54 uses only Open Source technologies

Open Source technologies


The application of Ecosystem54 is multifaceted, thanks to the unique structure of the interaction of services, simple software development and support. Ecosystem54 is mainly used for critical management tasks related to FinTech.