The intelligent platform WMS54 was developed by the 54origins team for effective management of business processes, projects from idea to release of a finished product to the market, planning personal and team tasks to achieve company goals.

Business process management with WMS54

Each company strives to improve the quality of project development and personnel management, increasing the efficiency and productivity of work processes.

Optimization of each employee's working time, proper distribution and effective management of the workload on the team through planning will significantly increase labor productivity.

Our system is designed to automate processes and achieve the goals set for the company and each employee personally.

Individual configuration of WMS54 allows you to quickly respond to internal and external changes, which gives you confidence in the result of current business processes.

Wide functionality of WMS54

Working with projects of various complexity levels, we tried to use the management systems available on the market now. But we never found a suitable option for ourselves, which combines ease of use and the necessary functions to implement the full cycle of product release to the market.

And we set out to create such a solution, where not only the full cycle of project management is implemented, but also the ability to manage team flows and tasks of an individual employee.

As a result, we released WMS54 - a new generation of PM-systems with wide functionality and the ability to meet individual needs.

WMS54 implements all the necessary sets of functions for the development of quality software and solutions from “Ideas to QA processes”.

Jira vs WMS54

  Jira WMS54
Planning goals and objectives Connecting the Team Calendar plugin for an additional fee Implemented in WMS54 for the team and for each user
General project chat Not implemented Implemented in the form of comments to the project with the ability to record voice messages
Workflows Project management Project, team and user management (flows)
Delayed notifications Not implemented Implemented as part of the Notification service
QA tool Connecting the Zephyr plugin for an additional fee Implemented as part of the full project development cycle
Assigning tasks One task can only be assigned to one user One task can be assigned to several users
Project goals Not implemented Implemented as a separate block in project management
Project ideas and their discussion Additional Confluence installation for discussing ideas and creating content Implemented as a separate block in project management
Managing related documents in the system Additional installation of Confluence Creating documents in the context of each project
Interface and configuration Requires considerable time to configure Intuitive and simple interface
Adding new features By purchasing additional plugins The necessary functions are collected in one system (individual development of additional functionality is possible)

Our optimal solution

We offer you a universal system for process and personnel management with a huge potential for customization, which almost completely automates your business processes.

In WMS54, you will be able to establish clear management and control not only any projects, but also to form and complement the tasks of the staff, set priorities, and monitor the implementation, thereby increasing the transparency of the management structure.

WMS54 features:

  • Integration into infrastructure - configure and adapt the universal WMS54 software for integration into your infrastructure.
  • Flexible architecture with high customization based on popular languages ​​and frameworks - Python & ReactJS and unlimited configuration possibilities.
  • New modern technologies for effective management.
  • Integration with additional services - integration of other projects into WMS54, building them into a single system, integration of your customer base.
  • The platform is designed for efficient management, not drawing reports.
  • Integrated software versioning.
  • Managing, recording and analyzing employees' working time will allow you to make informed management decisions.
  • Distribution of tasks between employees using artificial intelligence.
  • The simple and intuitive interface, developed over the years, will allow you to easily use all the powerful features of WMS54.
  • Affiliate commission.
  • Workflows - in WMS54, workflow optimization is achieved through precise control of the main flows: Project, Team and User Workflows.

WMS54 guarantees the stable development of your projects thanks to customization for the needs of the company, you will always be ready for changes in your structure and remain competitive. Using WMS54 is a guarantee of smooth operation of your business and minimization of risks.

With WMS54 you will achieve significant cost savings and profit growth due to consistently high workflow performance and more efficient use of resources.