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WMS54 Cloud

Project Management
Server Security

WMS54 is an intelligent system of new generation designed to work with business processes of any complexity. The WMS54 Cloud is project management software which is suitable for small teams and includes all the necessary functionality to manage "from the project idea to the production mode" development.

  • Unlimited number of users
  • 150 GB database
  • Separate place on the server

$ 29.9 24.82 2231.44 Br77.14
$ 29.9 24.82 2231.44 Br77.14 / per
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Advantages of Workflow Management System - Cloud

Quick start
Low price
Unlimited number of users
Highload system

Why WMS54 Cloud?

Project, process and team management System

WMS54 Cloud is a universal system for running processes. It is ideal for small companies and it allows to manage projects and teams efficiently, distribute workload, schedule tasks for the team, as well as planning your own personal tasks, form reports.

Features of WMS54 Cloud

WMS54 Cloud provides management of user, command and project flows.


  • Creation of projects
  • Tasks prioritization
  • User access management
  • Managing many projects
  • Communication within projects and tasks
  • Organization of QA process
  • Scrum methodology
  • Reporting tools


  • Creating user groups - teams
  • Managing teams and users
  • Scheduling and distributing tasks for teams
  • Managing levels and access rights


  • Personal scheduling
  • Creating and managing your own tasks
  • Sorting personal tasks by importance
  • Separate space to view your own ideas, reports and projects

Flexible system of permissions

Assigning and managing permissions is one of the most important points in the management process. WMS54 Cloud has a flexible system of permissions that allows you to:

  • Add new team members and define their access level
  • Create user groups and assign an access level for the entire group
  • Add a user to the "Admin" group
  • Add a user to the "Ban" group

You can start working with WMS54 Cloud right now and test all the functionality of the system without restrictions for 7 days. Upon your request, we will extend the trial period to 30 days. If you need to add additional functionality and create a personalized process management system that suits your company's goals, try WMS54 Custom.