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WMS54 Custom

Project Management
Server Security

WMS54 Custom is a system developed for medium and large IT companies up to 500 people with the possibility of expanding for individual clients. The Custom version provides support and customization of the system in accordance with the business processes of your company, the development of additional functionality and advanced capabilities, the unification of all data sources into one infrastructure.

  • Unlimited number of users
  • 150 GB database
  • Separate server
  • Additional support
  • Custom Development

Br 1299.74 $ 499.9 409.92 36732.65
Br 1299.74 $ 499.9 409.92 36732.65 / per

Advantages of Workflow Management System - Custom

Custom development
Perfect fit for your business processes
Deep analytics for your company
Quick start based on WMS54 Cloud

Custom development

WMS54 Custom is not only a well-developed project and team management tool but it also has a flexible structure to add the necessary functionality for a specific company by customizing the platform. This makes it stand out from the existing customizable project management software on the market.

Perfect fit for your business processes

Due to customization of our platform you can create your own unique management system for processes and tasks. WMS54 Custom allows you to expand the existing functionality and add only those functionalities your company and team need. You can use the system without overloading with an endless number of functions and complicating development, management and planning processes.

Deep analytics for your company

With WMS54 Custom, you can set up deep analytics based on any of the metrics for each stage of the project. This will allow you to remain transparent when unforeseen situations occur, technology changes or the chosen solution needs to be adjusted.

Quick start based on WMS54 Cloud

If you tried WMS54 Cloud and realized that you need additional functions, or you know that your organization has unique business processes that require the development of additional tools, then WMS54 Custom is exactly for you. If you have used WMS54 Cloud before, this is not a problem. We will quickly transfer all your data from WMS54 Cloud to WMS54 Custom and start discussing the new capabilities of the system.

Features of enterprise Workflow Management Software

WMS54 Custom is based on:

  • User Management
  • Permissions control
  • Project Management
  • Workload and command management
  • Organization of QA processes
  • Communication in projects and individual tasks
  • Generating reports
  • Flexible system of access rights - for groups and individual users
  • Team, project and personal planning
  • Convenient filtration system
  • Advanceed system for cleaning up outdated information
  • Unified data structure
  • Reliable security system

With WMS54 Custom you will get additional support from us. Our experienced developers will customize the system for your business processes. Adapt the platform and run your IT processes in workflow system with pleasure. If the basic functionality is enough for you or if you want to see how WMS54 works from the inside, we provide an opportunity to use WMS54 Cloud free for 7 days.