Beta testing of project management software WMS54

Try for free the powerful new system of project management, planning processes and QA testing to achieve company goals.

ALL FEATURES OF WMS54 8 months for free

Complete all the conditions of participation in the beta testing program and use the project and team management system for 8 months for free.

What will you get from participation?

2 months for free

Use WMS54 during this period completely for free

6 additional months for free

Fill in the questionnaire, tell us what you like about the system and what you lack. Use WMS54 for another 6 months free of charge

8 months for free

How to participate in the program?

STEP 1: Activate BETA TEST promo code for WMS54 Cloud

Promo code gives you the opportunity to use collaboration software during 2 months for free. After its activation, fill in all the necessary information.

8 months of free use of the platform for organizing IT process management

STEP 2: Launch and adapt the workflow in WMS54 for you and your company

Start automating workflows in WMS54 Cloud. Adapt your task and project management system for you and your team.

Establish work in IT company with WMS54

STEP 3: Write your recommendations to improve WMS54

Fill in our questionnaire which will be sent to you one week before the end of the testing program. If your recommendations and remarks are constructive, you will receive a promo code trial period for another 6 months.

Write recommendations for improving the project management platform

Let's make WMS54 better together!