Permissions system

1. Project and tasks permissions

Permissions allow you to define and manage the actions of users and user groups in the system. In WMS54 you can manage the following set of permissions.

users permissions
  • Read - this means that the user can view projects, tasks, documents.
  • Write - gives the user the right to edit information in projects, tasks, documents, the ability to leave a comment.
  • Set - this right allows the user to assign permissions to another users, to delete a project, as well as its components (tasks, vectors, ideas).
  • Execute - gives the user possibility to see only a list of projects, tasks, ideas to which he has been assigned, but not to view project or task details.

2. Managing user and user group permissions in Auth

After purchasing the WMS54, by default there will be able superuser Root and 3 groups of users with different levels of rights.

  • Root - superuser, who has all rights without limitation. He can make any changes in any area of the system.
  • Admin - group of users who can manage the rights of other users, create projects and tasks.
  • Default - any new user who has registered in the WMS54 gets into the Default group.
  • Ban - a group of users who have been denied access to the WMS54.

In the future, you will be able to create additional groups and define the required rights for them.

user groups permissions