How to buy a product?

In order to make a purchase, you can register on the site or start a purchase without registering, then an account will be created automatically.

After registration, go to the tab "Shop" and select the product or service you need.

Then, when the products are selected, go to the cart and click the "Сheckout now" button.

product payment

The buying process consists of 3 steps

1. Verification

Verification is necessary in order to secure your account and data from unauthorized access.

For verification, you must send 2 photos with the document, as shown on the image, please see screenshot.


After you send the photos, the site administrator will confirm the verification within 24 hours. You can view the verification status in your account in the tab “KYC and Billing information”.

verification was successful

2. Billing information

Click on the button "Add billing address" and fill in all the required fields.

Billing information

Then press the button “Add billing address” again, which is located at the bottom of the form.

3. Payment card details

payment card details

After payment, to your email will be sent confirmation email that the payment was successful.

payment confirmation email

Product automatic deployment

After successful payment, the product is automatically deployed. This process can take from 2 to 10 minutes.

product automatic deployment

After deployment of each module and service, you will receive notifications to the email.

All modules and services will have the status "Active", after the completion of the deployment process.

deployment was successful

In this section of the menu, you can also enable automatic renewal of your subscription. The money will be debited from your account in accordance with the selected payment method.

auto-renewal of subscription

At this stage, the purchase process is complete.