Add user to project

Add a user to a project and setup permissions.

1. Before you add the user to the project, go to the general permissions, which are located in menu item "Permissions" on the left side. To add permissions, select the users in the field "Members".

General permissions

2. Add specifically permissions for each user.

Add specifically permissions for each user
  • Read - means that the user can view projects, tasks, documents.
  • Write - gives the user the right to create and edit projects, tasks, documents.
  • Set - this right allows the user to assign permissions to another users, to delete a project, as well as its components (tasks, vectors, ideas).
  • Execute - the user can see only the list of projects, tasks, ideas for which he is assigned but will not be able to see detailed information.

In order that the user can only see the list of projects and tasks, as well as information about them, enable Read and Execute permissions.

In order that the user to be able to start work with projects and tasks, enable Read, Write and Execute permissions.

3. Add users to the project when creating the project or to an existing project in the section “Members” which is in the card “Project Info”.

Adding members to project

4. Now define users’ permissions in the project. To do this click the button "Permissions".

Set users rights

In the opened area you can set user rights in the project or add new users.

Project permissions

Use slide-blocks to allow or disallow the user to take action.

How to assign the user to a task?

Assigning the user can be done when creating the task in the "Assigned Users" field.

Assigned users to task

You can also assign the user in the field “Assigned users” which is in the card “Issue info”.

Responsible for task