Authentication in WMS54

After purchase and automatic installation of WMS54, login to your account on 54origins website, choose “My account” and select the tab “My Products”.

To get started you need to login to your WMS and Auth accounts. To login to accounts click the button "Go".

WMS54 Cloud

After you click on the button "Go" , you will get a form to login to the WMS54.

WMS54 login form

To login to the system use your email and password, which were generated for your WMS54 account.

root password

These data must be used to log into all modules that composed the product WMS54 Cloud.

After authorization you will enter the WMS54 workspace.

WMS54 provides the Auth module. Auth is a service for managing user accounts and access rights, creating user groups.

An authorization in the Auth module is similar to the authorization in WMS54, that is described above.

To get more information about the process of working with users and their access rights in the Auth module, read the section “How to add a user to WMS54”.