— Quick and painless initial integration of FX Solution into company processes within 2-3 weeks

— Import all historical data

— Setting up reliable synchronization with MetaTrader4 / MetaTrader5, Member Area and any other data sources



— Solution was created specifically for the Forex

— We understand the features of the industry, have extensive experience, prepared team and well-established processes in the field of FX


— Extremely high potential for system customization

— Special architecture allows deep customization of all processes in FX Solution

— Ability to immediately adapt the solution for your company

— Modular architecture - customization of one component doesn’t cause the entire system to stop

— Customization package is included in license fees

— Team - more than 35 developers

Sales department management

Sales department management

— Resource saving

— Protection of information from copy

— Distribution of zones responsibilities between managers

— Realtime analytics

— Quick response to market changes

— Seamless integration of PM system in FX Solution

— Single account, flexible access rights system

Increase sales

— Interface gamification for managers

— Toughening domestic competition

— Manager performance statistics

— Integration with the Sales Fire Starter platform, which provides deep analytics

Increase sales


— Receiving information about sales

— Ability to create specialized reports directly for your company


Ecosystem54 technology

Our software is Ecosystem54 based. For you this means:

— High quality software

— Short release cycles

— Infofield technology

— High security level out of the box

— Single account for all services

— Ready CI/CD processes

— Integrated monitoring/backup

Ecosystem54 technology

A revolutionary approach to software development.

Project management system

When you buy FxCRM & Sales Fire Starter licenses we provide you our Project Management System licence for free.