IT project management software WMS54

WMS54 is a new generation platform designed for effective management of business processes, projects from idea to market launch, planning of personal and team tasks to reach the company goals.

Processes efficiency

How often do your employees forget after a meeting what they were supposed to do? How much time do you take to check your tasks? How often do you leave things to chance?

Project managers are the bottleneck of the organization. Endless meetings, loads of paperwork and assigning tasks don’t allow the manager to concentrate.

Task control system WMS54 increases processes transparency through ease of use and allows you to focus on the essentials. You can combine different approaches to solve one problem, fixing clear metrics and delineating areas of responsibility.

Effective teamwork in company

Customization for Enterprise clients

Reports of a certain form, simplification of processes for some departments. A small feature that will unimaginably simplify the life of your company, makes critical things clear.

All this is possible with IT project management system WMS54. The management system will develop together with your business and satisfy all your needs the way you need it.

Customizing project management software at your request

Reducing time to search information

You came up with an idea on Saturday night. You want to see the current status of a project related to this idea. How many times have you put it off because you have no way to see the information?

You can adapt the information flows and filtering systems in your WMS so that you only get the information you need. You'll also like our system for cleaning up outdated information.

Adaptation of information flows in the program for working with projects


Sometimes you want to keep your data safe. Financial information, clients contacts, contract details and many other moments you would like to make available only for yourself.

The SBOX component gives you the opportunity to use end-to-end encryption when working with WMS. Your data stays only with you.

Data security in task manager for employees


Sometimes you want things to be stable. You want the start button to stay where it was five years ago. So that you don't have to fight the rage of not being able to find a simple function after an update.

Stability with project management platform

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We can expand the current functionality of WMS54 through custom development for your processes

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