About Us

List of People who matter in Our Company

Who We Are

We have critical expertise in the fintech field and in the field of control systems, and blockchain. We don’t work as an outsourcing company, we act as a company partner for clients, stuffing their business with critical tech expertise. It’s important for us not just to sell man-hours, it’s important for us to get a high-quality working product that will allow your company to earn money.

Our Mission

We see our mission much further than just making money for food and roof over heads.
We consider that our technological solutions can make this world a better place and help good people.
We give our partners access to our technologies and services, so they can create an IT system of enterprise level with minimal pain, losses and at affordable prices.

Why 54?

This is from the "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" book. We all know about 42, but there was also a refined question to the most important question about the universe 6 * 9. Well! We decided that 54 is great option for us.


Ivan Mishur


Permanent CEO and owner of the company. He is in charge of all critical tech processes in company and related strategies.
Ivan is also one of the key developers and architects of the company, and under his influence Ecosystem54 project was created - key project for the company. Ecosystem54 solves a huge number of development problems, CI / CD problems, infrastructure management and implements “information field” concept.

Lead specialists

Pavel D

Pavel Dernovich


Pavel is very attentive to details and a brilliant technical specialist. He helps Ivan with Ecosystem54 and also acts as an architect and team leader on some projects.

Ivan Kovaleuski

Ivan Kovaleuski


Ivan is product owner and project manager with very strong technical background. He leads the development of part of the projects and oversees several products of the company.

Artem Tsitsvira

Artem Tsitsvira

Deputy CTO

Artem is Deputy CTO and oversees part of the projects, and also acts as the Senior developer of some parts that require critical attention.

Natallia Kisealeva

Natallia Kisealeva


Natallia is Chief Marketing Officer with technical background. She is involved in positioning the company's products and managing the company's marketing strategy.


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