Data Engineering

Quality data management is becoming the foundation for growth and innovation. We provide a range of services focused on maximizing the efficiency of processing and using your data.

Available specialists

Our Data Engineering Services

Development and optimization of data pipelines

Building reliable and scalable data pipelines that ensure effective and timely data updates.

Real-time data management

Developing solutions for processing and analyzing real-time data, using Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, and other technologies.

Storage and processing of big data

Working with distributed systems such as Hadoop and Spark for processing and analyzing large volumes of data.

Optimization of data warehouse performance

Designing and tuning data warehouses for maximum performance and query efficiency.

Data migration

Assisting in transferring data from old systems to new ones, including data transformation and cleaning.

Data architecture development

Designing data storage systems, considering current and future business needs.

Data quality assurance

Developing mechanisms for controlling and improving data quality.

Integration with data sources

Connecting to various data sources, including databases, APIs, data streams and others.

Our experience with Data Engineering technologies

We strive for accuracy and reliability in data processing, using modern tools and technologies.

Data Validation

Solutions based on Great Expectations for ensuring data quality.


Using Prefect for automating workflows.


Managing database structure using Alembic.

Code analysis

Typing and Flake8 for maintaining high code quality standards.

NLP models

Working with various BERT, TensorFlow, and PyTorch models.

Our approach to work

  • Flexible development

    Adaptation and quick response to customer requirements for achieving optimal business solutions.

  • Scalability

    Our solutions are developed with future growth and scalability in mind.

  • Security

    We pay special attention to data security, using proven approaches and technologies for data protection.

  • Focus on Quality

    Application of automated tests, version control and continuous integration to ensure high quality of our solutions.

  • Transparency

    Providing the client with regular reports and updates on the project status and results.

  • Collaborative Approach

    Close collaboration with the client's teams, sharing of experience and knowledge.

  • Continuous Learning

    We keep track of new technologies and best practices in the field of Data Engineering and implement them in our work.

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