Great Expectations

Great Expectations is an open-source tool for automating data quality control. This tool allows you to create, verify, and maintain data quality documentation, simplifying the process of ensuring data reliability within a project or company.

Available specialists

Technical aspects and capabilities


Automatic creation and maintenance of data quality tests.


Easily integrates with various data management systems and reporting tools.

Expectation Description Language

Uses a specific language to describe "expectations" for the data, allowing to formulate complex data verification rules.

Data Testing During Development

Used for automatic data quality checking during the development process.


Automatic creation of data quality documentation.


Supports a large number of database management systems.


The ability to create custom expectations, adapted to the specific requirements of the project.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Data Quality Improvement

Guarantees high data quality thanks to automated testing.

Efficient Documentation

Simplifies the process of creating and maintaining data documentation.

Reduction of debugging time

Helps reduce the time spent finding and solving data issues.

Steep Learning Curve

It may take time to master all the capabilities of the tool.

Limited Customization Opportunities

In some cases, customization options may be limited.

Dependency on the Community

Since it is an open-source project, the development of the tool largely depends on the developer community.

Our Experience with Great Expectations

During work on various projects, we actively used Great Expectations for data quality assurance. We used this tool to create reliable and scalable data tests, which significantly accelerated the development process and reduced the risks associated with data errors. It helped us formulate a clear and substantiated data quality management strategy.

Based on our experience, we can confidently say that Great Expectations is a useful and powerful tool for automating data quality control. It provides developers with the tools needed to ensure data reliability, which is extremely important.

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