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Oxford Lexical Engine and Platform - world famous dictionary data powers search engines, provides definitions in e-readers, and makes possible predictive text and language-learning software. Our team developed the API which is used by major companies, including Facebook and Google.

Home depot

The Home Depot

Platform for communication between customers and experts powered by The Home Depot. We developed a search system for repair specialists taking into account the location of the customer, integration with Salesforce, sms service.

Very large project, critical on reliability working. We fully provide all IT system. This is the complicated ERP which includes the following modules: price optimizer, interaction with contractors, management of advertising costs, management of huge volumes of delivery. We have been providing uninterrupted operation of the system for more than 3 years.

ObEN is an artificial intelligence company that is building a decentralized AI platform. Our team worked with TTS (Text-to-Speech) processing (English and Chinese), CPU and GPU optimization.

Ecosystem for AI related technologies. Project PAI is developing an open-source blockchain protocol to decentralize AI development for everyone. Personal Artificial Intelligence or PAI gives humans the ability to augment themselves. We were engaged in the development of custom blockchain solutions, smart contracts subsystem, training neural networks for TTS voice solution.

Platform for processing data: to clean, protect, enhance and route data. Platform integrates with Salesforce, Marketo and other leading CRMs and Marketing Automation Systems. Our team were engaged in the development of plugin for Salesforce.


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