Our Android Expertise

Our team provides a full range of services related to the development and optimization of applications for Android. We combine deep expertise, the latest technologies, and a passion for creating exceptional applications.

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Our experience in Android development includes a wide range of technologies and frameworks.

Programming languages:

Java, Kotlin.

Formats and query languages:


GraphQL client:


Build system:

Gradle (using Groovy and Kotlin DSL).

Dependency injection:

Kodein, Dagger, Dagger2, Hilt.


Material Design (including Google Material Design and Material.io).

Android framework:

Android JetPack, various versions of frameworks (Android, Support Android, AndroidX).

Web technologies:

JavaScript, CSS, HTML5.

Android components:

Activity, Fragment, Service, ContentProvider, BroadcastReceiver, Intent.

Libraries and Tools:

Retrofit2, Gson, Kotlinx Serialization(Json), Paging 3, Workmanager, Room, Rx2, OkHttpClient.

Our Android Development Services

Our company offers a full range of services in Android development

Application Development and Design

Creating applications from scratch, considering all of your requirements and wishes, from concept to finished product.

Creating User Interfaces Using Material Design

Designing intuitive and modern user interfaces, complying with Material Design standards.

Integration with External Systems and APIs

Seamless integration of your application with any external data sources or services.

Performance and Security Optimization

Enhancing the application's speed and eliminating vulnerabilities to provide users with a reliable and fast solution.

Testing (including automated testing)

Conducting thorough testing of the application at various stages of development to ensure its stability and reliability.

Support and Update of Existing Applications

Our specialists are ready to assist in the support and modernization of your application, regardless of who and when it was created.

Consultations and Code Audit

Our experts will analyze your current code and provide recommendations for its improvement and optimization.

Our Approach to the Development Process

We strive for an ideal development process, in which each stage is clearly planned and controlled. This begins with a deep analysis of the client's needs, proceeds to the development of architecture and design, and ends with testing and support.

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