Machine Learning

Machine learning is one of the most promising and actively developing directions in modern information technology. Our company provides a full range of services in this area, starting from the development of individual models and ending with their integration into business processes.

Available specialists

Our Machine Learning Services

Development and training of ML models

Creation of customizable models, optimized for specific business tasks.

ML models optimization

Using hyperparameter optimization methods to improve the efficiency of models.

Integration of ML models into business processes

Connecting developed solutions to existing systems and processes of your company.

Monitoring and maintenance of ML models

Monitoring the operation of models in real conditions and timely making corrections.


Practice of optimizing the entire lifecycle of machine learning models, starting from development and training to deployment and monitoring in a production environment.

Technologies we work with

Programming language


Data processing and analysis

Numpy, Pandas.

Machine learning and algorithms

Scikit-learn, Hyperopt.

Deep Learning

Keras, TensorFlow, CNN.

Network Structures and Graphs


Additional Technologies

MLOps, PyTorch.

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