IT Infrastructure Overhaul

We conduct an audit of the current project state, prepare a report on vulnerabilities, form a team for subsequent development, to ensure the possibility of stable growth and scaling of your project.

Problems We Can Solve

Audit and overhaul of the IT project architecture can solve a number of critical problems often arising at different stages of project development. Here are some typical problems that we can help you solve:

  • Performance and Resource Optimization

    • Slow system performance: we help eliminate "bottlenecks", optimize queries, and increase overall performance.
    • Inefficient resource use: we facilitate optimal distribution and use of system resources.
  • Scalability

    • Scaling issues: we help transition to more flexible and scalable solutions, so the system can effectively grow along with your business.
    • Load distribution problems: assistance in setting up load balancing to prevent overloads and failures.
  • Security

    • Security vulnerabilities: identification and elimination of potential threats and vulnerabilities in your system.
    • Non-compliance with security standards: ensuring compliance with modern standards and security regulations.
  • Technical Debt and Dependencies

    • Technical debt: assistance in eliminating technical debt by refactoring outdated or poorly designed code.
    • Dependency issues: support in updating and managing library and tool dependencies.
  • Integration and Compatibility

    • Integration issues: simplifying the integration of various systems and services to create a smoother workflow.
    • Compatibility violations: solving compatibility issues between different systems, platforms, or software versions.

Our IT Infrastructure Recycling Services

  • Audit and Consulting

    • Technical audit: we conduct a detailed analysis of your current infrastructure, identifying possible improvements and areas of risk.
    • Strategic planning: we help develop a long-term plan for optimizing and modernizing your IT infrastructure.
  • Development and Integration

    • Software redevelopment: we provide services for updating and optimizing software, including migration to cloud platforms.
    • System integration: We ensure smooth integration of new technological solutions with your current infrastructure.
  • Support and Maintenance

    • Technical support: we provide continuous technical support, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of your system.
    • Training and adaptation: we offer training programs for your team, helping to adapt to new technologies and processes.
  • Project Management

    • Project management: we take on the project management of the redevelopment, ensuring its timely and quality completion.

Stages of Collaboration

Our work on the IT infrastructure of the project consists of the following sequential stages:

  1. Initial Introduction

    After receiving your message, we contact you to clarify the details and arrange a call where we will discuss your project and business requirements in more detail. We will also discuss further steps for our collaboration.

  2. Detailed Audit The detailed project audit takes from 40 to 200 hours depending on the project scale. The audit includes:

    • Review of problems in the current system
    • Review of the new system development plan
    • Review of business requirements for the new system (performed by a business analyst)
    • Review of data structures in the new system and their suitability
    • Review of the existing structure of the development team on the project
    • Identifying potential bottlenecks, problems and risks in the new technological architecture of the software

    As a result of the audit, we will provide information about the project and its current state.

  3. Work Plan Preparation

    Based on the audit, we can start preparing a work plan and developing optimal approaches to development. Together we will define the system requirements and the technology stack necessary for implementing business requirements. We offer our expertise in business development to help you choose the optimal technology stack for a sufficiently long period, from 3 to 5 years, and sometimes up to 10 years. We also pay attention to operating modes so that your business can function successfully under various conditions.

  4. Team Formation

    Based on the plan, a team is formed. The size and level of the team will depend on your needs, as well as the knowledge of the necessary technology stack. An experienced Team Lead will head the team. During the project, the team size may vary depending on the business goals of the project, with prior agreement.

We have immense experience in designing and creating large software for business. And we have experience dealing with most of the nuances that can be encountered when planning an IT system project improperly. Relying on our experience, we can not only help solve current problems but also lay the foundation for the long-term operation and development of your project.

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