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Why did we choose ReactJS?

Component Approach

React allows you to create modular and reusable components, which simplifies the design and update of applications, making the code more manageable and easily scalable.

High Performance

Thanks to the Virtual DOM, React efficiently updates and renders components, minimizing the number of necessary operations with the Real DOM.


React is easily integrated with various backend technologies and other libraries or frameworks, making it a universal tool for development.


React allows you to incrementally implement it into existing projects, making the transition to new technology less painful and risky.

Our technology stack

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Main technologies:

  • ReactJS: the main modern library for creating user interfaces.
  • JavaScript: the most popular programming language for web development.
  • Typescript: a typed subset of JavaScript, improving code quality.
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State management:

  • Redux: predictable application state container.
  • RTK Query: a tool for simplifying requests to the server in React applications based on the Redux Toolkit.
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  • D3: library for creating interactive visualizations on web pages.
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Build and Tools:

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  • Styled components: Library for writing CSS styles in JavaScript.
  • Material UI: Comprehensive set of components for creating modern interfaces in React.
  • Ant Design: popular library of user interface components for web application development in React.
  • Bootstrap: free and open-source framework for quickly developing adaptive web interfaces.
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Testing and Code Quality:

  • Jest: Library for testing JavaScript code.
  • E2E (End-to-End) testing: Complete testing of applications.
  • Cucumber (BDD): Approach to development, based on behavior.
  • Playwright: Tool for browser testing.
  • SonarLint: Tool for detecting and fixing errors in code.
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Additional Tools:

  • Next.js: A framework for creating server-side React applications.

ReactJS Development Services

Development of web applications on React with a full stack of technologies from idea to implementation

Migrating existing web applications to React

Optimizing the performance of React applications

Integration with other systems and APIs

Creating high-performance and reliable PWAs on ReactJS

Consultations and audit of your current React project

Training the team in the best practices of developing on React

Our Advantages

Experienced Team

Our developers have many years of experience working with React and related technologies.

High Quality Code

We adhere to the best development practices and apply advanced tools for code quality control.


We approach each project individually and strive to fully satisfy the client's needs.


Regular communication and reporting at all stages of development.


We keep an eye on new trends and technologies to provide clients with the most modern solutions.

Full Development Cycle

From idea to implementation and support.

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