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Ant Design is a comprehensive solution for the design and development of web applications and mobile applications. Key features of Ant Design include high-quality React components, optimized design for the user interface, and a wide range of development tools.

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Main Features and Advantages of Ant Design:

Large Number of Ready-to-Use Components

Ant Design includes over 50 ready-to-use components that you can implement in your projects "out of the box."

Design Consistency

All components are developed in a unified style, helping to create professionally looking applications.

React Compatibility

Ant Design is developed using React, and its components are well integrated with the React ecosystem. This makes it easier to use Ant Design in ReactJS projects.


Ant Design allows for easy customization of component styles to match the branding of your application. You can change colors, fonts, and other component styles using LESS variables or by overriding CSS.


Ant Design supports multiple languages, making it suitable for the development of global applications.

Development Tools

Ant Design offers a set of development tools, such as Ant Design Pro (a template for creating enterprise-level applications) and umi (a pluggable framework for web applications), which help accelerate the development process.


Components adapt to various screen sizes and devices.


A large number of examples, demonstrations, and detailed documentation are available on the official website.

Main Components of Ant Design

Ant Design includes many ready-made components, among which the following categories can be identified:

General Components

Buttons, icons, grid, typography, etc.


Menu, breadcrumbs, dropdown menus, tabs, pagination, etc.


Tables, cards, lists, avatars, badges, tooltips, etc.


Text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, switches, sliders, etc.

Data Display

Charts, diagrams, progress bars, etc.

Tips and Recommendations for Working with Components

Use ready-made components instead of creating your own

This will help reduce development time and minimize the number of errors.

Customize the theme according to your company's design guidelines

This will help create a unique style for your application.

Use the grid system to create adaptive interfaces

This will help ensure the correct display of the application on different devices.

Ant Design is a powerful and flexible design system that offers a variety of tools and components for creating high-quality user interfaces. With its help, you can easily integrate with popular frameworks, such as React, Angular, Vue, and follow best practices for creating efficient and attractive user interfaces.

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