DevOps Expertise

We combine innovative technologies and advanced practices to ensure uninterrupted development, continuous integration, and reliable delivery of software products.

Available specialists

Technologies we work with

Cloud platforms:

  • AWS,
  • Azure,
  • Google Cloud,
  • Tencent,
  • Alicloud

Virtualization and infrastructure as code:

Containerization and orchestration:

CI/CD and automation:

Testing and monitoring:

Security and secret management:

  • Vault,
  • OSSEC,
  • Samhain,
  • Snort
  • AIDE,

Dependency management and code storage:

  • Sonatype,
  • Nexus,
  • Artifactory,
  • Git,
  • Bitbucket,
  • Mercurial,
  • Github

Communications and project management:

  • Slack,
  • Rocketchat,
  • ServiceNow,
  • Jira

Operating systems and scripting languages:

  • Ubuntu,
  • Debian,
  • CentOS,
  • Bash,
  • Python

DevOps Services

Consulting and infrastructure audit

Implementation of CI/CD processes

Infrastructure automation using IaC

Optimization and monitoring of cloud resources

Setup and support of containerization

Security management and compliance with standards

Integration of team tools and platforms

Training and coaching for teams

Advantages of using DevOps approaches in projects:

Accelerating time to market

DevOps automates and optimizes development and deployment processes, reducing the time from idea to implementation.

Increasing stability and reliability

Thanks to constant monitoring, automatic testing, and continuous integration, errors are identified and corrected more quickly.

Easy scalability

Using containerization and automatic deployment, you can quickly scale infrastructure, responding to changing business requirements.

Resource Optimization

DevOps allows more efficient use of resources by automating processes and reducing system downtime.

Improving Security Level

With automatic vulnerability checks and rapid software updates, DevOps helps reduce risks associated with security.

Our approach to setting up DevOps processes

  • Audit and Diagnosis of Current Infrastructure

    Study of existing infrastructure and identification of potential "bottlenecks".

  • Designing CI/CD Pipelines

    Setting up automated processes of continuous integration and continuous delivery.

  • Integration of Monitoring Tools

    Installation and configuration of monitoring systems to track performance and stability of the infrastructure.

  • Containerization and Orchestration

    Use of Docker, Kubernetes, and other tools to simplify application deployment and scaling.

  • Configuration Management

    Implementation of automation system, such as Ansible or Terraform, for managing configurations and infrastructure.

DevOps is not just a set of tools or a set of technical skills, it is, first and foremost, a work culture aimed at maximizing efficiency and stability in development and operation processes. Thanks to our experience, deep knowledge, and modern approaches, we create solutions that lead to a qualitative transformation of the business processes of our clients.

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