Kubernetes (often abbreviated as K8s) is an open platform for automating deployment, scaling, and managing containerized applications. It groups containers that make up an application into logical units for easier management and discovery.

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What is Kubernetes used for?

Automatic placement and recovery:

Kubernetes can determine which node to place the container on, and in case of node failure, restart the container on another node.


Kubernetes allows you to automatically scale the number of containers depending on the load on the application.

Configuration and secrets management:

Kubernetes simplifies the update and change of configurations without recreating container images and without exposing secrets in the configuration.


Kubernetes can automatically mount storage systems, such as local disks, cloud providers, and network file systems.

Distributed network:

containers running in Kubernetes can interact with each other and with the outside world.

When should you use Kubernetes?

If you have a microservices architecture:

Kubernetes makes it easier to manage and scale multiple small services.

For multitasking and complex applications:

if you need automatic deployment, self-recovery, scaling, and high availability.

If you are using containers:

Kubernetes is ideal for orchestrating containers, especially Docker.

For simple applications:

if you have a simple application with one container, perhaps Kubernetes will be excessive.

If you have no experience with containers:

start by mastering Docker or other container technologies.

Limited resources:

Limited resources: Kubernetes requires certain resources for managing the cluster, which may be excessive for small projects.

Our experience with Kubernetes

In our company, we actively used Kubernetes to solve various tasks on projects. In particular:


we used Kubernetes for automatic scaling of application resources depending on the load.

Quick deployment:

with the help of Kubernetes, we reduced the deployment time of new versions of applications, making the process more stable and predictable.


we used Kubernetes to ensure continuous operation of applications even in the event of infrastructure failures.

We consider Kubernetes to be an excellent tool that helps us achieve our goals.

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