Ansible is an open system for automating configuration, management, and orchestration of IT systems. Ansible helps automate routine tasks, such as configuring servers, installing applications, as well as managing more complex processes, such as continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), minimizing downtime during system updates.

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Technical aspects and capabilities


Ansible automatically corrects configurations if they differ from the expected. This eliminates the need to repeat tasks.


Ansible does not require the installation of special agents on managed devices. It works using existing protocols, such as SSH and WinRM.


Ansible is built on a modular architecture, making it flexible and extensible. There is a huge number of ready-made modules, and it is easy to create your own.


Ansible configurations are described in a simple and understandable YAML format, which simplifies the creation and maintenance of code.


Ansible can work with various inventory sources, from simple text files to cloud services or configuration management systems.

Features of using Ansible


Ansible allows you to quickly start working thanks to its simple and intuitive structure. Our specialists quickly mastered Ansible and applied it for automating tasks on projects.


Ansible allows managing multiple systems simultaneously, which is especially useful for large projects. We used Ansible for managing multiple servers at different stages of the project.


Ansible uses SSH and WinRM protocols for connecting to managed devices, which ensures data security. We used Ansible for managing critical systems, and our experience showed that it is a reliable solution.

Our experience using Ansible on projects

We used Ansible on many projects, from small to large. Our specialists successfully applied Ansible for automating configuration management tasks, application deployment, and orchestration. For example, on one of our projects, we used Ansible for automating the application deployment process on AWS cloud. This significantly accelerated the deployment process and reduced the possibility of errors.

Ansible is a powerful and flexible tool for automating IT tasks. Its simplicity, scalability and security make it an ideal solution for any project. Our experience using Ansible has shown that it is a reliable and effective tool that helps us achieve our goals faster and at a lower cost.

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