Prometheus is an open-source monitoring and alerting system designed for reliability and rapid issue detection.

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What is Prometheus Used For?

Prometheus is used for monitoring metrics and generating real-time alerts. It can collect metrics from various sources using HTTP, and then process them using its powerful query language. Prometheus is suitable for monitoring both infrastructure and business processes.

Technical Aspects and Capabilities

Data Model

Prometheus stores all its data in time series. Each time series has a unique name and set of labels.

Pull-Based Metric Collection

Unlike many other monitoring systems, Prometheus uses a pull-based data collection model, meaning it fetches metrics from monitored systems itself.

Service Discovery

Prometheus supports various service discovery mechanisms for automatically finding monitoring targets.

Flexible Query Language

PromQL is a powerful query language that allows users to perform complex metric analysis.


Prometheus has its built-in web interface for visualizing metrics and PromQL queries. However, it can also integrate with external visualization tools like Grafana.


Prometheus supports alert generation based on user-defined rules. Alerts can be sent to various notification systems such as email, Slack, PagerDuty, and many others.

Our Experience with Prometheus

Performance Monitoring

We used Prometheus for monitoring the performance of our applications and infrastructure, allowing us to optimize their operation.

System Behavior Analysis

With Prometheus, we analyzed metrics to identify anomalies in the behavior of our systems and prevent potential issues.


We utilized Prometheus to set up our alerting system, enabling rapid response to incidents.


We used Prometheus in combination with Grafana to create dashboards and reports.

Prometheus is an essential tool for anyone aiming for effective monitoring and alerting. Its capabilities include performance monitoring, system behavior analysis, alerting, and reporting.

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