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Selenium WebDriver is a browser automation tool that provides an API for creating, launching, and managing your web tests. It is used for automatically performing web actions, such as entering text, clicking on elements, navigating links, and other operations that a user can perform in a browser.

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What is Selenium WebDriver used for?

Web application testing

Selenium allows automating repetitive tests and ensures their stable execution.

Support for multiple browsers

Selenium supports all major browsers, allowing you to test applications in different environments.

Integration with various tools

Selenium easily integrates with tools such as Jenkins, Travis CI, and others for continuous integration.

When should and shouldn't you use Selenium WebDriver?

When web-testing automation is required

Selenium is ideal for automating routine and regression tests.

Multi-platform testing

If your application needs to work in different browsers and operating systems.

When scaling is needed

Selenium Grid allows you to run tests in parallel on different machines and browsers.

Testing non-web applications

Selenium specializes in web testing, and it's not suitable for testing desktop applications.

For simple checks

If your application is small and changes infrequently, it may be easier to use manual testing.

How did we use Selenium WebDriver?

In our company, we actively used Selenium WebDriver for automating the testing of our clients' web applications. We used it to ensure stability and quality of products across different platforms and browsers.

While working on our clients' projects, we used Selenium for:

Automating regression testing

This allowed us to quickly identify and fix bugs, which, in turn, improved the quality of our products.

Conducting parallel tests

With Selenium Grid, we could test applications simultaneously in different environments, which significantly accelerated the testing process.

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