Amazon Web Services (AWS) are cloud services provided by Amazon, offering various IT solutions: computing, storage, databases, monitoring, machine learning, security, and many more. AWS enables organizations to scale and modernize their business processes, saving time and resources.

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What is AWS used for?


EC2, Lambda enable running various applications in the cloud.


S3, Glacier provide flexible and reliable data storage solutions.


RDS, DynamoDB facilitate working with various databases without the need for infrastructure management.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

SageMaker, Rekognition help to quickly create, train, and deploy models.


IAM, Shield ensure access control and protection of resources in the cloud.

When should and shouldn't AWS be used?

When you need to quickly and flexibly scale resources.

When creating highly reliable solutions without significant investments in physical infrastructure.

For launching and testing new ideas or products without significant capital investment.

If global presence is required with minimal local infrastructure.

With strict requirements for data storage in the territory of a specific state, if AWS does not have a data center in this country.

For organizations with already deployed large and expensive local infrastructure, if the transition to the cloud is not economically justified.

Our Experience with AWS

In our company, we actively use AWS when working on our clients' projects:

For Computing

We used EC2 for deploying web servers and applications, which allowed us to quickly adapt to the changing requirements of the project.

For Storage

We used S3 for storing static files, and also Glacier for long-term data archiving.


With the help of RDS and DynamoDB, we created and managed databases, ensuring the speed and security of our clients' data.

Machine Learning

We used SageMaker for developing and training machine learning models, which accelerated the process of implementing innovations.

Thanks to AWS, we were able to ensure high performance, security, and reliability for our clients' projects, as well as significantly save time on infrastructure management.

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