Terraform is an infrastructure as code (IaC) tool from HashiCorp. It allows you to create, change, and manage cloud infrastructure using simple configuration files.

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What is Terraform used for?


With Terraform, you can automatically create and configure complex cloud resources.


Terraform allows you to reproduce your infrastructure with the same parameters at different stages of development.

Change Management

Terraform saves the state of the infrastructure, which allows you to easily track and make changes.

When should and shouldn't you use Terraform?

Creating cloud infrastructure

When you need to create or manage complex cloud environments.


If you have resources in multiple cloud services, Terraform will allow you to manage all of this from a single point.

Collaborative work

Terraform is ideal for teams working on a common infrastructure.

Simple tasks

For one-time or very simple tasks it may be excessive.

Specific environments

Some cloud environments or services may have unique features that Terraform does not support directly.

Our Experience with Terraform

In the process of implementing infrastructure projects for our clients, we actively used Terraform as the main tool for automation and standardization.

Server Deployment

We used Terraform for automatic creation of virtual machines, configuring load balancers, and auto-scaling.

Database Management

With the help of Terraform, we automated the process of creating and backing up databases, including replication and on-the-fly encryption.

Network Infrastructure

We used Terraform to create private subnets, configure VPNs, firewalls, and other network components to ensure the security and high availability of our solutions.

Integration with CI/CD

Our workflows included automatic integration of Terraform with continuous integration and delivery systems, which allowed us to quickly and reliably deploy new changes to the production environment.

State Management

To ensure infrastructure consistency, we used remote state storage, which allowed teams to work in parallel, minimizing the risk of conflicts.

We are confident that the deep integration of Terraform into our technical processes has allowed us to achieve a high degree of automation, predictability, and resilience of infrastructure solutions.

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