Bitbucket is a web service for hosting repositories that work with version control systems Git and Mercurial. This tool helps developers manage the source code of their programs, collaborate on projects, and integrate their workflows with other tools such as Jira, Bamboo, and Crucible. Bitbucket solves many problems faced by development teams, such as code management, change tracking, test automation, and deployment.

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Key functions of Bitbucket

Creating and managing a repository

Bitbucket allows you to create repositories, manage them, and import existing repositories from other services.

Collaborating on code

Bitbucket simplifies the process of collaborating on code, allowing you to create branches, merge changes, and create pull requests.

Automation of workflows

With Bitbucket, you can automate testing and deployment processes by integrating with CI/CD tools such as Bamboo.

Project and team management

Bitbucket helps manage projects and teams by allowing you to track tasks, manage access, and monitor team members' activity.

Features of Bitbucket

Git and Mercurial Repositories

Bitbucket supports both of these popular version control systems, making it a convenient tool for most developers.

Pull Requests and Code Management

Bitbucket allows you to create pull requests for proposing changes to the code, as well as manage these changes, approve or reject them.

Integration with Atlassian Tools

Bitbucket easily integrates with other Atlassian tools, such as Jira (for task management), Bamboo (for automation of build and testing processes) and Crucible (for code review).

Team and Access Management

Bitbucket allows you to manage team members' access rights to repositories and projects, as well as track their activity.

Our Experience with Bitbucket

Code Management

We use Bitbucket repositories to store all our test scripts and code. This provides centralized storage, which helps us in version management, tracking changes and, if necessary, restoring previous versions.


We use Bitbucket to simplify collaboration of our QA specialists on test scripts. They create branches for new features or fixes, and then merge them back into the main branch after review and testing.

Code Review

We use pull requests in Bitbucket so that our QA specialists can easily review, comment, and approve changes in the test scripts before they are merged with the main branch.

Integration with Other Tools

We have integrated Bitbucket with our task management and test automation tools. This helps us automate many aspects of our QA process, simplifying test scenario management and improving tracking of bugs and tasks.

Bitbucket is an essential tool for modern development teams, offering solutions for code management, collaboration, code review, and integration with other popular tools. It helps to simplify and automate many aspects of the workflow, providing more efficient and productive project management. All these features make Bitbucket one of the best tools for development teams striving to improve their workflows and product quality.

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