TypeScript is a statically typed subset of JavaScript that adds static typing. It can be compiled to regular JavaScript, making it compatible with any JavaScript environment.

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What is TypeScript Used For?

Static Typing:

It helps detect errors during compilation rather than runtime.

Better Readability and Structure:

Interfaces and types make the code more understandable and structured.

Enhanced Development Tools:

Autocompletion, refactoring, and intuitive navigation are possible due to static typing.

Future ECMAScript Features:

TypeScript includes upcoming JavaScript standards, allowing developers to use new features earlier.

When Should You Use TypeScript?

When you have complex or large-scale projects where static typing can reduce the risk of errors.

If the development team consists of multiple people and code standardization is needed.

When you aim for improved code readability and maintainability.

If you want to use upcoming ECMAScript features in advance.

Small projects where introducing static typing might be excessive.

Projects with short lifespans or prototypes where development speed is more important.

If the development team is already accustomed to clean JavaScript and doesn't see the need to switch to TypeScript.

Our Experience with TypeScript

Stability and Security:

We used TypeScript to create more reliable and secure applications thanks to its static typing. This allowed us to avoid many types of errors during development and ensured a more stable product in the operational stage.


We applied TypeScript to build modular and scalable systems. Its code organization capabilities helped us establish a clear project structure, enabling easy addition and modification of functionality.

Integration with Modern Libraries:

We used TypeScript in conjunction with popular libraries and frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue. This allowed us to achieve maximum performance and development efficiency.

Documentation and Code Understanding:

We applied TypeScript to provide better documentation and code readability. Clear typing and interfaces make our code more understandable for all team members and accelerate the onboarding of new developers into the project.

Performance Optimization:

We used TypeScript to analyze and optimize the performance of our applications, identifying potential bottlenecks and optimizing them.

TypeScript offers a range of technical advantages for developers, especially in complex and large projects. However, its implementation requires an assessment of the project's specifics and the team's needs.

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