Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript applications. It helps you create applications that work consistently across different environments (client, server, and between them), and that can be easily tested.

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What is Redux used for?

Centralized state management:

Instead of keeping the state scattered throughout the application, with Redux it is centralized and easily accessible.

Predictability and transparency:

Changes in the application state go through a strict process, making them predictable and simplifying debugging.

Ease of testing:

Logic related to state structure and updates is often isolated, making testing easier.

Development support:

Tools like "Redux DevTools" allow developers to track state changes in real-time and even rewind the state.

When should you use Redux?

When you have complex interactions between components.

When the application state is difficult to manage due to its volume or complexity.

When you need transparency and control over state changes.

If you need the ability to save and restore the application state, or track changes in real-time.

For very simple applications, where the local component state is sufficient.

If introducing Redux will increase the project complexity without real benefits.

Our Experience

For Large Projects:

We used Redux for managing complex data flows and interactions between components in our client's large applications.

In Real Time:

On projects requiring real time, we applied Redux for tracking and managing data flows, ensuring high performance and responsiveness.

Integration with External Systems:

When it was necessary to integrate with external APIs or complex backend systems, Redux helped us maintain data in a predictable and manageable manner.

Improving UX:

We used Redux to create dynamic user interfaces, where the application state is closely related to UX, providing users with a seamless and intuitive experience.

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