Next.js is a popular framework for developing web applications on React. It allows developers to create server-rendered React applications from scratch, as well as support static site generation (SSG) and client-side (CSR). Next.js is developed by Vercel and has a large and active community.

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Next.js is used for creating:

Server-rendered applications (SSR)

This helps in SEO, as search engines can better index your site. It also improves the performance of the first load, as the user does not have to wait for the entire JavaScript code to load before seeing the page.

Statically generated sites (SSG)

This speeds up the page load time, as all content is generated at the build stage and stored on the CDN.

Client-side applications (CSR)

These are regular React applications that are fully rendered in the user's browser.

Technical aspects and capabilities

Ready-to-use configuration

There is no need for additional webpack or babel configuration. Next.js comes with a pre-configured environment, which simplifies the development process.

Image optimization

Next.js has a built-in Image component that automatically optimizes images to improve performance.

File system-based routing

Next.js uses the file system as a router. This means that every file in the pages folder automatically becomes available by URL, corresponding to its path in the file system.


In Next.js, you can easily create API routes by placing files in the pages/api folder.

TypeScript support

Next.js has built-in TypeScript support, which allows developers to use strict typing to improve code quality.

Our experience using Next.js

Creating SEO-friendly websites

We used SSR to create sites that are easily indexed by search engines, which is very important for our clients.

Performance optimization

We used SSG to create sites with fast loading times, which positively affects the user experience.

API development

We used Next.js API routes to create server functions, necessary for our applications.

Next.js is a powerful and flexible framework that significantly simplifies the development process of modern web applications.

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