Single login / Single system of permissions

— Highest level of security

— Built-in two-factor authentication

— Manage all services from one place

Single login/single permission system
Service approach to development

Service approach to development

— Reliability

— Short release cycles (2-3 weeks)

— AP54 protocol universality provides stability of root services

Built-in CI / CD processes

— Seamlessness

— Built-in system of automatic integration testing

— Automatic deployment

— Integration of monitoring into code

— Built-in system of automatic backups

Built-in CI / CD processes
Opensource technologies

Ecosystem54 uses opensource technologies only

— Flask

— PostgreSQL

— Docker

— Celery

— ReactJS

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Ecosystem54 is an initiative for linking development and related processes into a single set, each process in which does not interfere with each other, and they can interact within the concept of "information field".


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