Provide full stack team

We can do full stack - SPA, Backend, DevOps, QA.

Why did we choose the Python / Linux / ReactJS stack? Because this stack allows us to implement large projects with relatively small forces and it shows good results under high load. Our technologies also allow to bypass the limit of 10 - 15 python developers per project. Our stack allows us to create a reserve of specialists and we almost always have a reserve for strengthening individual projects.

Another important advantage of our company is the presence of the so-called starting kits - premade blanks for typical projects in which basic functionality is implemented and architecture is developed.

We can provide the following starting kits for development boost:

  • Project management system;
  • CRM;
  • Crypto wallets and others.

Our expertise allows us to fulfil projects:

  • ReactJS as frontend / SPA solution;
  • Python related as backend / Data analysis;
  • DevOps for server administration, CI/CD and security;
  • We also have iOS(Swift) and Android (Java) expertise;
  • Building versioning policy for your software;
  • QA cycles for your software.

What can we offer you?

  • Documentation preparation and project estimation;
  • Designing the ideal application architecture;
  • Arrangement of a team for backend development for a project;
  • Arrangement of a team for frontend development for a project;
  • Building CI/CD processes;
  • Creating QA cycles;
  • Providing post-production support and development.

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