Appium is a cross-platform automation testing tool for mobile applications. With its help, you can create test scenarios for Android, iOS, and Windows applications without the need to modify the application code. Appium works based on WebDriver, which allows using the same principles and methods as in the automation of web applications.

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What is Appium used for?

Functionality Testing

Checking the operation of various functions of your application.

Interface Testing

Make sure that the elements of your application look and behave as expected on different devices and screen resolutions.

Regression Testing

After each application update, you can quickly check if the existing functions are broken.


Testing the performance of the application under load or in different network conditions.

When should Appium be used?

Cross-platform projects

If you have mobile applications for different OS, Appium will allow writing tests that work on all platforms at once.

Integration with other tools

Appium integrates well with popular CI/CD systems and other testing tools.

Non-invasive testing

Since testing does not require making changes to the application code, it is ideal for testing "foreign" or closed applications.

Simple applications

For very simple applications, sometimes it is easier and faster to use manual testing or tools specific to one platform.

Complex scenarios with a high degree of specificity

In some cases, when deep integration with a specific OS or device is required, other tools may be more suitable.

Our experience with Appium

During the work on our clients' projects, we actively used Appium for automating the testing of mobile applications. This allowed us to significantly speed up the testing process, ensuring high product quality.

We applied Appium to guarantee the stability of the applications after each release, minimizing risks for our clients.

Thanks to the flexibility of this tool, we were able to create universal test scenarios, which were applicable to various mobile platforms.

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