Celery is an asynchronous task execution system based on a distributed message queue. It allows performing extensive computations in the background, ensuring fast and reliable integration with various web applications.

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Main Features of Celery

Asynchronous Task Execution

Celery allows running long and resource-intensive operations in the background, thus ensuring responsiveness of the main application.

Support for Multiple Message Brokers

Celery is compatible with various message delivery systems, such as RabbitMQ, Redis, Amazon SQS, and others.

Task Scheduling

Using the built-in scheduler "Celery Beat," you can set up periodic tasks that will be automatically executed at specific intervals.

Distributed Execution

Celery supports working with multiple worker nodes, allowing tasks to be distributed among them for parallel processing.


Depending on the load, you can easily add or remove worker nodes.

Monitoring and Visualization

With tools like Flower, users can monitor task execution, monitor the status of worker processes, and analyze their performance.

Fault Tolerance

Celery allows configuring retries for failed tasks, increasing the reliability of the system.

Support for Multiple Result Backends

Celery can store the results of completed tasks in various storage systems, such as Redis, RabbitMQ, Databases, and more.

Configuration Flexibility

Celery provides extensive configuration options, allowing optimization according to the specifics of each project.

Integration with Web Frameworks

Celery easily integrates with popular web frameworks, such as Django and Flask.

Our Experience with Celery

Data Processing

We used Celery for asynchronous processing of large datasets, which allowed us to speed up the response time of our applications.

Notification Sending

We applied Celery for automated sending of daily notifications to our users, which increased their engagement.

Integration with External Services

When working on projects requiring integration with third parties, we used Celery for asynchronous processing of requests and responses, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of our systems.

Celery is a powerful and flexible tool that can be adapted for a wide range of tasks, from simple background operations to complex distributed systems.

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