Dagger is a popular library for Dependency Injection in Java and Android applications. It automates the process of binding application components, simplifying management and reusing code.

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What is Dagger used for?


Dagger allows quickly and easily making changes to large projects thanks to a modular approach.


Dependency injection makes it easier to replace real components with mocks during testing.

Clear Structure

Dagger improves the readability and structure of the code, making it cleaner and more organized.

Reduction of boilerplate code

Dagger automates the creation and provision of dependencies, reducing the amount of manual work.

When should and shouldn't Dagger be used?

Large projects

Dagger is especially useful in large applications where dependency management can become complex.

Projects with high testability requirements

If you need to create many modular or integration tests, Dagger can significantly simplify this process.

Applications with complex dependency structures

Dagger will help organize and manage dependencies in complex hierarchies.

Small applications

In small projects, dependency injection may be redundant.

Projects with a short life cycle

If your project has a short lifespan or does not require complex dependency management, Dagger may add unnecessary complexity.

Our Experience with Dagger

Complex Architectural Solutions

In several large projects, we needed to create a complex structure with many interrelated components. Dagger helped us effectively manage these dependencies, reducing the risk of errors and simplifying the debugging process.


When working on applications where deep testing of various scenarios was necessary, Dagger allowed us to easily substitute mock versions of components. This accelerated the testing process and increased its accuracy.

Code Reuse

Dagger contributed to a cleaner and more modular code structure. We used this approach to create components that could be easily reused in different parts of the project or even in other projects.

Performance Optimization

In some projects, we needed to pay special attention to performance and resources. Dagger allowed us to precisely control the life cycle of objects and manage resources efficiently.

Training and Onboarding

Dagger also played an important role in the training process of our new developers. Thanks to the clearly structured code and Dagger documentation, newcomers quickly got up to speed and started contributing to projects.

Throughout all our projects where we applied Dagger, this tool proved its value. It not only provided effective dependency injection but also contributed to improving the quality of the final product.

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