Django REST framework

What is Django REST framework? Django REST framework is a powerful and flexible toolkit for building web APIs based on Django, a popular web development framework for Python.

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Technical aspects


DRF provides serializers which function similarly to Django forms. With them, you can easily convert complex data types, such as Django query objects and complex Python data types, into native Python data types, which can then be easily converted into JSON or XML.

Requests and responses

DRF supports requests and responses in various formats, such as JSON, XML, HTML. This makes it convenient for creating APIs that can serve different clients, from mobile apps to websites.

View-based classes

DRF provides a set of ready-made classes based on views, which allow you to create API endpoints with different standard operations (CRUD - create, read, update, delete).

Authentication and permissions

DRF supports various authentication mechanisms, such as basic authentication, token authentication, and OAuth2. Additionally, it provides a permissions system that allows you to manage access to the API based on rules set by the developer.

Rate limiting

DRF has built-in support for rate limiting of requests, which helps prevent abuse of your API.


With DRF, you can automatically generate documentation for your API.



Automatic division of query results into several pages.


The ability to filter query results based on various parameters.


Built-in support for searching the data of your API.


Automatic ordering of query results by any field.


DRF provides a number of mechanisms for extending and configuring the framework to meet your unique needs.

Django REST framework is a great tool for developers that provides many possibilities for fast and efficient web API development based on Django.

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