Enzyme is a testing toolkit created by the Airbnb team, designed for testing React components. Enzyme makes testing React applications easier by providing several functions for manipulating and traversing the output of React components.

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Application of Enzyme

Component Mounting

Enzyme allows mounting React components, making it similar to rendering components in the DOM. This simplifies component testing as you can check their state and interact with them.

Element Search

Enzyme provides an API for searching for elements within components, which allows testing the structure of components.

Event Simulation

Enzyme allows simulating events, such as click or text input, which helps in testing the interaction of the user with the components.

Technical Aspects and Capabilities

Shallow rendering

This is a method that allows rendering a component "shallowly", i.e., rendering only the component itself without its child components. This is convenient for isolating a test on a single component.

Full rendering

This is a method that allows rendering a component fully with its child components. This is convenient for testing the interaction between components.

Static rendering

This is a method that allows rendering a component in HTML. This can be useful for testing the appearance of a component.

Advantages of Using Enzyme


Enzyme supports all versions of the React library, starting from version 0.13.0 to the latest version.

Ease of Use

Enzyme has a simple and intuitive API, which makes it easy to use even for beginners.


Enzyme provides various methods for testing React components, which allows choosing the most suitable testing method for a specific situation.

Our experience using Enzyme on projects has shown that it allows us to quickly and easily create tests for React components, simplifying the testing process and improving the quality of our code. We used various testing methods provided by Enzyme, depending on the requirements of a specific project.

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