Python-based micro web framework, designed for creating web applications. "Micro" in its name does not mean that it is only suitable for small applications, but rather reflects the philosophy of simplicity and flexibility, allowing developers to choose which tools and libraries to use.

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What is Flask used for?

Creating websites:

Flask is great for creating both static and dynamic websites.

Development of RESTful API:

Thanks to its flexibility, Flask can be a simple solution for developing API.

Creating small and medium web applications:

Flask is perfect for projects where speed and ease of development are required.

Integration with databases and other services:

Although Flask does not provide built-in tools for working with databases, it is easy to integrate with such tools as SQLAlchemy.

When should you use Flask?

Small and medium projects:

Flask is simple and easy to learn and use.

Projects with unique requirements:

Flask provides more control over the architecture and structure of the application.

Large and complex projects:

Such projects often require many built-in features that Django can offer "out of the box".

When you need a lot "out of the box":

Flask requires manual configuration and integration of many components, which are already built into Django.

Our experience using Flask

Microservices-based web applications:

We used Flask for the development of lightweight microservices, which allowed us to ensure high performance and scalability of our web applications.

API interfaces:

Flask became a great tool for us to create fast and reliable RESTful APIs. We used it in projects where flexibility and speed of response to requests were required.


When our clients needed to quickly test an idea or functionality, we used Flask to create prototypes of web applications, which reduced the time and cost of development.

Integration with external systems:

We used Flask to create webhooks and bridges between different platforms and systems, ensuring painless integration and automation of processes.

Personalized Web Portals:

We developed a series of web portals for corporate clients based on Flask, where we implemented authentication, authorization, and personalized content mechanisms.

Flask is a powerful and flexible tool for creating web applications in Python. It is especially suitable for developers who want more control over their project but are also willing to spend time configuring and integrating various components.

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