HTTPX is a modern, fully asynchronous HTTP library for Python that also supports synchronous request execution. It provides a standard interface for HTTP, similar to the popular requests library, but with support for asynchronous operations and HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, HTTP/3 protocols, and the ability to connect via SOCKS.

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What HTTPX Is Used For

Asynchronous Interaction with Web Services.

Building Asynchronous Microservices or API Clients.

Executing Synchronous Requests Where HTTP/2 or HTTP/3 Support Is Needed.

Testing Web Applications Using an Asynchronous Client.

Technical Aspects and Features

Support for HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, HTTP/3 Protocols

Asynchronous and Synchronous API

You can perform requests asynchronously as well as synchronously.

Automatic Session Management

Automatic saving and use of cookies are supported.

Request Formation

JSON, Multipart, URL-encoded forms.


Basic Auth, Digest Auth, OAuth, and other authentication methods.

SOCKS Support

HTTPX can be used through SOCKS proxies.


Asynchronous generators for streaming data transmission.

File Uploads

Capability to upload files from disk and send them.

Our Experience with Using HTTPX

Asynchronous Integration

When integrating various microservices, we needed the ability to quickly and efficiently interact between them. Thanks to HTTPX's asynchronous capabilities, we significantly improved the performance of our systems, reduced waiting times, and ensured smoother interaction between services.

Support for Modern Protocols

On some projects, it was important for us to use HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 protocols. With the help of HTTPX, we applied these protocols without additional configuration, which improved the performance of our web applications and made data exchange more efficient.

Testing and Development

We used HTTPX to test our APIs and web services. Its capabilities for streaming data transmission, as well as various methods of authentication, allowed us to create test scenarios and simulate real interactions with the services.

Automatic Session Management

In some applications, we needed to maintain session state between requests. With HTTPX, we implemented this, simplifying the work with authorization and user data management.

HTTPX is a powerful tool for working with HTTP, combining best practices and the latest technological achievements.

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