Apache JMeter is a popular open-source tool designed for performance testing and functional testing of web applications.

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What is JMeter used for?

Performance Testing

Evaluation of web applications performance under various loads.

Stress Testing

Determining the system's limits and its bottlenecks under extreme loads.

Load Testing

Simulating multiple users to evaluate the application response in real conditions.

Functional Testing

Checking the correctness of the web applications functionality.

When should you use JMeter?

Complex Web Applications

When you need to test complex web applications with multiple interactions and scenarios.

Systems with a Large Number of Users

When you want to make sure that your application can handle a large number of simultaneous users.

When Optimizing Infrastructure

To determine how changes in infrastructure or code affect performance.

For Unit Testing

JMeter is not designed for writing unit tests.

GUI Level Testing

JMeter focuses on protocol level testing, not on visual interface testing.

Mobile Testing

Although JMeter can be used for testing some mobile applications, there are tools specialized specifically in mobile testing.

How did we use JMeter in our clients' projects?

As part of our practice, we actively used JMeter for:

Performance analysis of new releases

Before releasing a new version of a product, we conducted scenario tests to assess its performance and compared the results with previous versions.

Identification of system bottlenecks

Using JMeter, we searched for bottlenecks in the infrastructure and code to optimize the performance of our clients' applications.

Simulation of peak load

For websites and applications expecting high traffic spikes, we created scenarios that simulated this load to ensure system stability.

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