Plotly is a high-level data visualization library that allows the creation of interactive charts and diagrams for websites. This powerful tool can be applied in various spheres.

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Application of Plotly

In business analytics

With Plotly, business analysts can create interactive dashboards to make informed decisions based on data analysis.

In scientific research

Researchers use Plotly to visualize complex data, facilitating a deeper understanding of research results.

In educational projects

Plotly aids in creating dynamic educational materials, enriching the educational process with interactive visualizations.

Technical aspects and capabilities

Plotly offers a wide range of technical capabilities:

Interactive charts

Creating dynamic and customizable charts.

Integration with other libraries

Ease of integration with libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, and others.

Embedding charts into web pages

Seamless embedding of visualizations into web pages, blogs, or documents.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Plotly


Allows for the creation of dynamic and animated graphs.


Works on various platforms and supports many programming languages.


Has an active community, facilitating the search for solutions and assistance.


Some features may be complex for beginners.


Requires the installation of additional libraries for full functionality.


Premium features can be quite expensive.

Our Experience of Using It

During the implementation of various projects, we used Plotly to create interactive dashboards, providing clients with deep insights from the data. We applied Plotly in combination with other tools, such as Great Expectations, to ensure a high degree of reliability and data accuracy.

Based on our experience, Plotly is a useful tool for data visualization. Its interactive and dynamic capabilities make it a valuable tool for any data specialist or analyst.

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