Postman is a platform for testing APIs that allows developers to send requests to web services and view responses. Initially, Postman was a simple extension for the Chrome browser, but over time it has evolved into a powerful application, available for installation on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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What is Postman used for

API Testing

Allows testing APIs by sending various HTTP requests and checking responses.

API Development

Helps in the design and development of APIs by providing capabilities for creating, testing, and documenting APIs.

Test Automation

Allows automating tests by using collections and environments for storing and reusing requests.


Provides tools for monitoring APIs for errors and anomalies.

Technical Aspects and Capabilities of Postman


Intuitive interface that makes it easy to create, send and analyze HTTP requests.


Allows organizing requests into collections, simplifying work with large APIs.

Variables and Environments

Allows using variables and environments for storing and reusing data in requests.

Pre-Request and Test Scripts

Allows adding scripts that will be executed before or after sending the request.

Automatic Documentation

Automatically generates documentation for the API based on collections.

Import and Export

Allows importing and exporting collections and environments in different formats.


Integration with other popular tools, such as Jenkins, Travis CI, and others.

Using Postman greatly simplifies and accelerates the process of developing, testing, and monitoring APIs. It offers many useful features such as test automation, automatic documentation, and integration with other tools.

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