Pytest is a popular and powerful tool for testing Python code. It allows you to easily write simple and scalable tests, supporting a wide variety of testing styles and features.

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What it is used for

Unit testing

Checking individual functions or methods for correctness.

Integration testing

Checking the interaction between components of the program.

Functional testing

Checking that the system operates in accordance with expectations.

Technical aspects and features of Pytest

Convenient syntax

Just start the function name with test_, and pytest will automatically find and execute it.


Allows you to easily generate multiple tests from one template.


There are many plugins for pytest, and you can also easily create your own.

Fixture support

For setting up and clearing conditions for tests.

Marking and selecting tests

You can easily skip or select only certain tests to run.

When is it better to use Pytest on projects?


If you plan to create a lot of tests or you have a complex system, pytest can make your testing process much easier.

Integration with other tools

If you use CI/CD, pytest easily integrates with most platforms.

Support for various testing styles

From simple unit tests to complex functional testing.

Pytest is a powerful and flexible tool for testing Python code that has proven itself in various projects of different complexity.

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