RabbitMQ is a message broker that allows applications to connect and exchange messages asynchronously. RabbitMQ uses the AMQP protocol (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol), but also supports many other protocols.

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Use Cases of RabbitMQ

Distributed Systems

With RabbitMQ, you can connect different parts of your system, allowing them to exchange messages without the need for a constant connection.

Background Task Processing

With RabbitMQ, you can defer tasks for background processing, detaching fast requests from slower operations.

Load Balancing

RabbitMQ can distribute tasks among several workers or services, allowing for load balancing.

Support for Multi-user Applications

RabbitMQ can provide streaming data updates for multi-user applications.

Integration of Various Systems

If you have systems that need to exchange data but they use different formats or protocols, RabbitMQ can act as a "translator" between them.

Advantages of RabbitMQ


RabbitMQ is easy to scale both horizontally and vertically. You can add more servers to the cluster or increase the capabilities of a single server.


Messages can be stored on disk, ensuring their safety even in the event of failures.

Flexibility in routing

RabbitMQ offers flexible ways of routing messages thanks to the concepts of exchanges and routing keys.

Support for multiple client libraries

RabbitMQ has client libraries for many programming languages, allowing it to integrate with almost any system.

Error resilience

In case of connection loss or other failures, RabbitMQ allows you to easily restore operations without losing messages.

Monitoring and management

Using built-in tools, you can monitor activity and manage queues, exchanges, and messages.

Our Experience with RabbitMQ

We used RabbitMQ for asynchronous messaging between different microservices. This allowed us to decompose our monolithic applications, ensuring high resilience and error tolerance.

We applied RabbitMQ for distributing tasks among worker processes, which guaranteed quick and efficient operation execution without delays for the end user.

When working with external APIs and services, we used RabbitMQ to ensure reliable message delivery. This allowed us to avoid data loss, even during temporary failures or availability issues.

In some projects, where special reliability and availability were required, we set up mirrored queues in RabbitMQ to duplicate message queues across multiple nodes.

RabbitMQ is a powerful tool for asynchronous messaging in various systems. Its flexibility, scalability, and reliability make it an ideal solution for modern distributed applications.

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