Requests is a Python library that provides convenient methods for sending HTTP requests. It allows you to make requests such as GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc. with minimal effort and code.

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Technical Aspects and Capabilities


Sending HTTP requests becomes a trivial task with Requests. For example, sending a GET request requires just one line of code.

Sessions with Persistent Parameters

The ability to create a session with specific parameters for sending multiple requests.

Cookies Support

Requests automatically saves and sends cookies from the server.

SSL Support

The security of your requests is ensured through SSL certificates.

Streaming Downloads

You can work with responses as they are received, rather than after the entire request is completed.

Wide Range of Encodings

Automatic handling of a large variety of text encodings.

JSON Support

Automatic encoding and decoding of JSON.

Features of Using Requests

One of the fastest and most reliable ways to perform HTTP requests in Python.

Intuitively understandable interface that simplifies working with web services.

Excellent documentation and an active community that supports and develops the library.

Flexibility in configuring request parameters such as headers, data, and parameters.

Our Experience Using Requests

API Integration

We used Requests to interact with various external services and platforms through their APIs. This allowed us to automate many processes and ensure reliable interaction with partners.


When developing our web services, we applied Requests for automated testing of their functionality and performance.


For automated processing of data from different websites and resources, we used Requests to gather information and further process it.

Tracking and Monitoring

On some projects, we utilized Requests to create systems for tracking changes on target websites and notifying about important events.

Requests is a convenient tool for interacting with web resources in Python. This library significantly simplifies and accelerates development.

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