Retrofit2 is a standard library for Android and Java designed to work with HTTP APIs based on annotations. It simplifies the process of data transmission between the mobile application and the web server, automatically converting responses from JSON or other formats into Java or Kotlin objects.

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What is Retrofit2 used for?

Interaction with RESTful web services

Retrofit provides a convenient and structured interaction with web services, minimizing the need for manual coding and testing.

Automatic deserialization

Instead of manually converting JSON responses into objects, Retrofit does this automatically using libraries such as Gson or Moshi.

Flexible configuration

Retrofit allows easy customization of requests, adding interceptors, authorization tokens and more.

When should and shouldn't you use Retrofit2?

Large and medium projects

Retrofit2 is perfect for projects where there is a need for interaction with various APIs and where automatic deserialization can significantly speed up the development process.

Projects requiring high performance

Retrofit2 is optimized for speed and low resource consumption.

Applications where security is a priority

With Retrofit2, you can easily integrate various authentication and encryption mechanisms.

Very simple applications

If you just need to send one or two requests without complex logic, then using Retrofit may be excessive.

If you are already using another library for HTTP interaction and it meets all your requirements.

Our Experience with Retrofit2

We actively use Retrofit2 in various projects. From simple mobile applications to complex corporate solutions.

Integration with Various APIs

Retrofit2 became our main choice for integration with various external systems. Thanks to its flexibility and reliability, we have successfully applied it for working with many endpoints and various authentication methods.

Automatic Deserialization

One of our favorite aspects of Retrofit2 is its ability to automatically convert JSON responses into objects. This has significantly reduced the number of errors in our applications and accelerated the development process.

Performance and Reliability

Retrofit2 not only accelerated the development process but also significantly improved the performance of our applications. We noticed that applications on Retrofit2 run faster and more stable, especially when working with large volumes of data.

Based on our experience, we can confidently recommend Retrofit2 for any projects, where reliable and productive HTTP interaction is required.

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