Selenide is a wrapper for Selenium WebDriver, which simplifies the writing of automated tests for web applications. Unlike Selenium, Selenide automatically manages browser drivers, reduces the amount of extra code, and provides a more convenient and readable syntax. This makes testing faster, more reliable, and more enjoyable.

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Application of Selenide

Automation of functional testing

Selenide helps in writing automated functional tests that mimic user actions in the browser, such as clicking a button, entering text, selecting from a dropdown list, etc.

Regression testing

Selenide can be used to write regression tests that help ensure that new changes in the code did not affect the existing functionality.

Cross-browser testing

Selenide supports all popular web browsers, which allows testing the application in different browsers without changing the test code.

Integration testing

Selenide can be used to write integration tests that check the interaction between different parts of a web application or between different systems.

Support for Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

Tests written using Selenide can be easily integrated into the CI/CD process, which helps automate testing in the development and deployment process.

Support for reporting

Selenide can be integrated with various reporting tools, such as Allure, which helps in analyzing test results and quickly identifying problems.

Technical Aspects and Capabilities

Simplification of browser management

Selenide automatically starts and stops the browser, reducing manual intervention and chances of errors.

Automatic management of expectations

Selenide automatically waits until the elements become visible or accessible for interaction, reducing the need for explicit waits.

Concise and readable syntax

Selenide offers a more concise and readable syntax compared to Selenium, which simplifies the writing and maintenance of tests.

Automatic screenshots and video recording

Selenide can automatically take screenshots at each test failure, and also record a video of the entire test run.

Built-in support for JavaScript

Selenide offers built-in methods for executing JavaScript, which simplifies working with dynamic elements on the web page.

jQuery support

Selenide offers the ability to work with elements on the page, using jQuery syntax, which makes writing tests more convenient for those familiar with jQuery.

Support for multiple browsers

Selenide supports all popular web browsers, allowing you to test the application in different browsers without changing the test code.

Advantages of Selenide

Stability and Reliability

Tests written using Selenide turn out to be more stable and reliable, compared to tests written using Selenium only. This is due to automatic management of expectations and the browser.

Ease of Use

Selenide significantly simplifies the process of writing and supporting automated tests, reducing the amount of code required for writing tests, and making them more readable. This reduces the time for preparation and running of tests.

Based on our experience, we recommend using Selenide for automation of web application testing. It offers a number of technical advantages, such as browser management, expectation management, convenient syntax, screenshots and video recording, as well as support for JavaScript and jQuery. In addition, it simplifies the process of writing and supporting automated tests, increases productivity, and makes tests more reliable.

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