Sentry is a real-time monitoring and error tracking tool that allows developers and teams around the world to identify, track, and fix errors in their software.

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Sentry Features

Error Tracking

Sentry provides detailed error analysis, helping to quickly identify the root cause of issues. This includes call stack information, variable data, HTTP headers, and much more.

Performance Monitoring

Sentry not only helps track errors but also performance issues. This includes response time monitoring, performance problem analysis, and much more.

Release Work

With Sentry, you can track errors in different versions of your application, helping to understand which errors were fixed or introduced after the last release.


Sentry provides tools for discussing, analyzing, and fixing errors within teams, improving collaboration and speeding up the error resolution process.

Integration with Other Tools

Sentry easily integrates with popular version control systems like GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket, as well as with continuous integration and delivery systems.

Contextual Data

Sentry collects contextual data that helps understand what happened before an error occurred.

Filtering and Segmentation

Allows filtering errors based on various parameters, such as browser, operating system, device, application version, and much more.

Advantages of Using Sentry


Sentry scales from small projects to large enterprises, offering plans for teams of all sizes.

Ease of Use

A simple and intuitive interface makes error tracking and resolution easier.


Sentry provides a high level of security for your data, including encryption, two-factor authentication, and strict access policies.

Team Collaboration

Sentry facilitates teamwork on errors by providing tools for discussion, analysis, and error resolution within teams.

Sentry is a powerful and flexible tool for error tracking and performance monitoring that helps teams quickly find and fix issues in their applications. It allows you to analyze error history, contextual data, work with releases, and easily integrate with other platforms and tools.

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